Bridging study

What is a bridging course for overseas-trained professionals?

A bridging course is one that will enable you to meet specific academic or professional requirements for entry to a listed professional occupation in Australia. If you are undertaking a bridging course as an overseas-trained professional then you may access a FEE‑HELP loan if you meet the eligibility criteria.

For FEE‑ HELP purposes, your course is not a bridging course for overseas-trained professionals if it:

  • provides a qualification beyond basic entry level to your profession;
  • leads to a higher education award, such as a postgraduate degree;
  • provides training for an occupation that is not a listed occupation;
  • is a general English language training course; or
  • exceeds one year of full-time study (or the part-time equivalent)
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Am I eligible for FEE‑HELP for my bridging course?

In addition to the above criteria, students must also hold an 'assessment statement' issued by an assessing body for overseas-trained professionals.
List of occupations and the assessing bodies for bridging study.pdfList of occupations and the assessing bodies for bridging study.pdf

Tuition fees for bridging courses for an overseas-trained professional are set by individual higher education providers. As an overseas-trained professional you may be eligible for a FEE‑HELP loan to help you pay your tuition fees if:

  • you are enrolled in a bridging course for overseas-trained professionals course with an eligible provider;
  • your course meets the FEE‑HELP eligibility criteria for bridging courses;
  • you are an Australian citizen or you have a permanent visa; and
  • you will reside in Australia for the duration of your course.
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How do I apply for a FEE‑HELP loan?

To apply for FEE‑HELP, you will need to get a Request for FEE‑HELP assistance form from your higher education provider. See Applying for FEE‑HELP for more information.

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