Field of education

Choosing your field of education is an important decision you will have to make before you can enrol in a course. The field of education is the subject or discipline you will study in greatest depth during your course.

The Field of Education Classification is the classification system used by Australian universities and higher education providers to classify higher education courses, specialisations and units of study.

The main purpose of the classification is to ensure courses, specialisations and units of study with the same or similar occupational emphasis are classified to the same field of education.

Broad fields of education are the broadest categories of the classification system. These are listed as follows:

01    Natural and Physical Sciences
02    Information Technology
03    Engineering and Related Technologies
04    Architecture and Building
05    Agriculture, Environmental and Related Studies
06    Health
07    Education
08    Management and Commerce
09    Society and Culture
10    Creative Arts
11    Food, Hospitality and Personal Services

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) is responsible for the Australian Standard Classification of Education (ASCED) which provides a full list of subjects and where they sit within the broad fields of education. This is particularly relevant for maths and science students as it may help determine eligibility for the HECS-HELP Benefit.

Please see the ASCED Field of Education list (Opens in a new window). located on the ABS website.

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