Entry requirements

Entry requirements

Each provider and each course has individual entry requirements that you must meet to enter the course. For higher education (generally Bachelor Degree or above), each state and territory has pre-requisites and minimum entry requirements for entrance into university and other higher education providers. Please refer to individual state based Tertiary Admission Centre (TAC) guides for further information on pre-requisites.

Full details about the VET student entry requirements are listed on the VET Student Loans page.

Vocational Education and Training (VET) students should check with their training provider about the entry requirements for the qualification you are interested in. For example, to enrol in an Advanced Diploma of Business, you may need to first complete a Diploma of Business.

My Year 12 results

Providers make offers to Year 12 students predominantly on the higher education ranking they achieved on their Year 12 academic scores. These are known as an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) which is nationally equivalent across all states and territories. To assist with making offers, your results and ranks are exchanged between admission centres in each state or territory. However, if you have studied in QLD and received an Overall Position (OP) rank this value must be converted to an ATAR equivalent to determine your result in another state.  To do this you can use the conversion tables provided on most of the Tertiary Admissions Centre websites. Some students may have a further opportunity to demonstrate their ability by undertaking student aptitude tests. 

As part of the student entry requirements for VET Student Loans, you will need to provide your Australian year 12 certificate. For further information on the student entry requirements to apply for VET Student Loans, please refer to the VET Student Loans page.

Bridging studies

Bridging studies for overseas-trained professionals: if you obtained your qualifications overseas and wish to practice in Australia, you may need to undertake bridging study as an overseas-trained professional. This study will enable you to meet any specific academic or professional requirements in order to enter your profession in Australia. For FEE‑HELP purposes, students undertaking bridging study for overseas-trained professionals must hold an assessment statement issued by an assessing body for the professional occupations on the Bridging studies page. An assessment statement includes any studies, examinations, tuition and training programs that you may need to complete to meet the requirements for entry to enter your profession in Australia. Eligible students enrolled in a bridging course as an overseas-trained professional may be able to access a FEE‑HELP loan to pay for their study.